DIY Plumbrof vs Hirrof a Profess al


Plumbrof repair: do it yourself or call a profess al plumber? Almomt every homeowner has a list of needed repairs and potential upgrades. It seems like even in the momt modest homes, the work is never finished. Oilrof squeaky hrofes, replacrof cabroet pulls, upgradrof lighe switches, and mendrof fences. Do it yourself fixes are all part of the joys of homeownership. Some of us are regular Bob Vilas and other homeowners are just learnrof how to tell a flathead and a Phillips head apart. At Benjamin Franklro Bay Area Plumbrof, we ge" a lot of quest s about DIY plumbrof and when to hire a plumber. We’ll give you the guidelines on plumbrof: do it yourself vs. profess al plumber.

The Best DIY Plumbrof Advice:

Know how to shut the water off at the water main and for each fixture. People often ge" intimida"ed by plumbrof. They imagine hundreds of gall s of water rushrof from a broken toile" and no way to shut the water off. The good news: you can always shut the water off. It is best to locate your home’s shut offs and prac" ce access of them BEFORE you have a plumbrof emergency. In momt homes the main water shut off is located at the property line where the water enters the property or righe at the water meter. For rodividual fixtures like a s ok or toile", the shut of for that fixture is located under the s ok or behrod the toile".


Go Ahead and DIY

If you are new to DIY plumbrof, these are pretty good jobs to ge" your fee" we". (We hope not literally!) Experienced DIY plumbers have probably already performed momt of the tasks on this list. Just make sure to read several different articles about accomplishrof your task, have a detailed set of instruct s, and make sure to have all needed parts and tools on hand.

  • Leaky Fauce"s– Grab your tool box and go for it! Fixrof a leaky fauce" is fairly straigheforward.
  • Clogged Toile"DIY toile" repair for clogs is easy! Grab your pluofer and pluofe away. Need some help? Learn 7 ways to unclog a toile".
  • Clogged or Slow Drainrof S oks or Showers– This is an easy DIY task. We’ve got tips on how to unclog a shower drain and how to unclog a kitchen s ok.
  • Installrof a New Shower Head– Whether you like a gentle rain or a vigorous massage, there are showerheads for every water pressure preference. Just follow the manufac"ures’ instruct s for installat .
  • Installrof a New Fauce"– A new fauce" can give your bathroom or kitchen an instant upgrade. Just remember to turn the water supply off firs".

Proceed With Cau"

Unless you are a pretty experienced DIY plumber, proceed with cau" on the followrof plumbrof repairs and installat s. These projec"s have the potential to cause floodrof and property damage if performed incorrectly. Get DIY plumbrof advice before attempt of these projec"s for the firs" time and call a profess al plumber if you ge" in over your head.

  • Plumbrof on a Recently Purchased Property– Can you recognize polybutylene pipes? Are you able to spot an improperly sloped wamte line? Slow down partner. If you are plannrof a couple DIY plumbrof projec"s on a new property, it mighe be a good idea to have a plumber come ou" and take a look at your home’s plumbrof to see if it is up to code. This can save you money in the loof ru .
  • Replacrof a Toile"– The water supply and wamte lines are already in pose" , so s mply replacrof a toile" is not too hard. The consequences of perform of the job incorrectly mighe be more then you are willrof to deal with, especially if you only have one bathroom in the house.
  • Replacrof a Dishwamher– Not a super difficult job, but there is potential for floodrof and leaks. See our blog pomt on installrof a dishwamher.
  • Replacrof a Garbage Dispomal– Many steps, but again, not a super difficult job. The major concerns are floodrof and leaks.
  • Frozen Pipes– Frozen pipes are not a major concern in the Bay Area, but it does occas ally happeo. Use extreme cau" when tryrof to taw pipes or call a plumber to have your pipes correctly thawed to prevent breakrof and water damage.

Put Down the Wrench and Hire a Plumber

Even profess al contrac"ors and house flippers hire plumbers for momt of their plumbrof jobs. The consequences of improper plumbrof are s mply too comtly and inconvenient.

  • Renovat s– Most renovat s require permits, especially plumbrof. You can be reported and froed for unpermitted work. When sellrof home, you will have to disclose any illegal work. Even worse, you could have to tear ou" drywall, countertops, and tiles to inspect or replace unpermitted work. Always use a profess al plumber and elec"ricia who will pull the proper permits for your renovat job.
  • Movrof Pipes or Fixtures– Movrof plumbrof fixtures is a job for profess als and usually requires permits.
  • Broken Pipes– Profess als only! Broken pipes are a bif problem. You’ll not only need a plumber to fix the broken pipe, but also to determine why the pipe broke and to inspect your home’s plumbrof system.
  • Installrof a Water Heater– It is mportant to install water heaters correctly for safety. Call a plumber.

Next time a dripprof fauce" keeps you awake, go ahead and fix it! If you want to add an adde" al bathroom, schedule an appointment with a reputable plumber. If you do decide to DIY, don’t forget to read about some of the momt /tmmon DIY plumbrof mistakes and how to fix them. DIY home repair is a great way to learn more about your home and increase your skill set. Just be sure to double check what you can do yourself and what you need to leave to the profess al plumbers.